Saturday, September 29, 2007

End of September Post - thank goodness!

I've been at Mom's for 3 weeks and came home this week. Whew! I still have to go over and help every day but her arm is healing. She can't wait to get rid of the sling and start physical therapy! Getting dressed one-armed is a pain - literally!

I took lots of yarn and started some socks and finished a pair. Pics later. My Ravelry invite came while I was there but I haven't had the time to explore or anything yet! I look forward to that - as soon as I get Mom and the cat situated better.

Thursday, my cat K.C. had to go to the vet. While I was gone things went wrong. He has been drinking a LOT of water and using the litter box often (and not covering his business-eewww). I noticed his back legs looked kind of unsteady, too.

They did bloodwork (poor kitty) and he has feline Diabetes! Yikes!

I was terrified we were going to lose him all day thursday and friday until the doc called with the final test results. She had said he had it from a pre-lim test in the office on thursday and it sounded really bad. I cried all day! I was a mess. Friday she explained in detail and we decided to try the treatments and see how the poor kitty takes it.

What this means is... he has to have special food and insulin shots twice a day. Talk about YIKES. Big committment on our part. He's on the new food and Oct 4th, hubby and I go in to see how to give him shots. Oh man, I hope I can do this! I know *I* hate getting poked when I have to have my cholesterol and stuff checked (aka "feeding the vampires) which is back to normal thanks to *2* meds - a statin and Tricor. I hate seeing a live critter in pain - I never could do the frog-thing in science class. I sure hope I can do this for K.C. and that he lets me!

My email held a nice surprise today - I signed up for the first ever Hill Country Weavers Yarn Crawl! It's next Sunday and boy do I need that! Puurrrfect timing! Thank you Suzanne!!! A whole day of riding and knitting on a bus with other knitters and touring 7 yarn shops in 5 cities. I can't wait! Getting away from the daily stuff will sure help my stress level go down.

I will be glad when October starts and hopefully everything will get better. I don't know what I would do without my knitting. I took a plain sock to the vet - otherwise I would have been crawling up the walls while waiting! I counted the stitches even though it was stockinette - just to have something to concentrate on - and still made a mistake! BUT - it was before I even got there. I had picked up the wrong size needle to continue from the toe and so had to visit the frog pond. Ah well, it's the doing not the finished product....

I have so much to do I don't know if I'll ever catch up! Well, I am never BORED!

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Suna said...

So sorry to hear about your kitty! I hope you can handle it all.

Enjoy the yarn crawl--I won't be able to do it, thanks to being a band parent and having a job, and needing to teach a class at one of the shops on the crawl...but I know it will be fun!