Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow. Got back from vacation and haven't stopped yet. Tons of things to do and the Holidays on top of that! Knitting Christmas gifts like mad right now. Trying to get the house back in order has taken this long, but I am FINALLY getting somewhere with that! Now the studio is a disaster from all the knitting going on.
There's a Donation Day on Friday - so I'm trying to clean stuff out for that. I have 3 big boxes so far and a huge computer monitor (I can't WAIT to get rid of this monster). Plus - and this is the bonus - I am Fall cleaning at the same time.
I am behind on my photos and info in Ravelry - will try to catch up soon. I have knitting class this morning (changed from Thursday to Mondays) and I hope to finish a project this morning. I am very close! Speaking of - gotta go get ready!

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