Saturday, January 31, 2009

WHERE did January go???

This month has gone by sooooo fast. It whizzed by my poor head like a bullet. I have been knitting (perhaps that's made it go so fast?) like crazy and finished several projects this month.
I started a new KAL (knit along) on Thursday - Leyburn KAL in the Socks That Rawk group on Ravelry. You can check my progress here, too. This is the yarn in the cake:

KAL-str-leyburn-yarn2-web by bren47.
It's "Undertoe" in Socks That Rock - Lightweight. I am to the heel on sock #1, half-way there on sock #2 and hope to get past the heels this weekend. I'm trying a new heel (more about that later). Here's the progress at the end of the first day:
leyburn01-day01-web by bren47.
and the second day:
leyburn01-2nd-day-web by bren47.

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