Friday, July 30, 2010

Lehmus Shawl

Started this project right after finishing Woodland (still not blocked - have to get in the mood). This shawl pattern is so nicely done! It even has a chart!

Pattern: Lehmus Shawl - english version found HERE
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn Alpaca Prima
Needle: #6

The shawl is worked from the bottom tip UP! I had thought to make a Kiri or Birch shawl, but it was worked from the top down with tons of stitches to start with, and I want a large shawl and not to be limited by a pattern's size. Working from the tip up, I can make it as large as I want (or have yarn for). The return row (wrong side if you will) is easy to do - purling except for edge sts. Here’s a tip - when you’re working the purl sts on the wrong side/return row, work them loosely and the k tog sts will be easier!
I have wanted a black shawl for longest time! I spent months hunting just the right yarn. The Alpaca has just enough fuzz - not too much as a mohair would - and it will be warm even though the pattern is lace. AND it doesn't shed!

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