Thursday, January 27, 2011

Paper Tape Dispenser

I saw this brilliant idea on this blog: and knew I had to make one!
I looked all over the studio and house, but no cigar box that was tall enough for the project soooo- out came the foam core board and packing tape! I was in a hurry to make the box and see if it would work so I didn't stop to cover the foam core with prettyness. I figured that could come later. Lately, I just seem to make the "bones" of a project. I know the embellishing will be fun later on!
I cut the foam core 12 inches x 3 inches for the bottom, front and back. The sides are 3 x 3, with holes for the dowel rod. I put it together with packing tape (which is clear, but will be covered by paper later). The lid is a half inch larger around 3 sides, the back of the lid sits flush with the back of the box so it will hinge upward when taped on. I plan to use Tim Holtz's die (in my new Vagabond!) and grungeboard for hinges at the decorating stage!

I had a bit of sponge roll (used to insulate pipes and faucets outdoors in winter - but that is not why I have some) and I used that to put inside each roll to fit onto the dowel rod that goes across the whole box. This stuff comes with a slit so it will fit over faucets, etc... and so all I had to do was cut it down so it would fit.
I also happened to have a replacement hacksaw blade in my tool drawer! I knew getting a 2-pack was a good idea! I put it on with long brads.

I used nuts and washers to space out the tape rolls so that each one could roll independent of the others. I just slid them on the dowel rod - making sure to balance both ends. If the dowel starts to slide, I can devise a way to "block" it from the outside. I don't think it's going to be a problem at this point. I will be able to slide the rod to add tape rolls.
 I am storing the package labels from the tapes inside the box (need to remember the names of the sets!) Another benefit to the larger lid is it's easy to open!

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