Monday, April 4, 2011

KISS Triangle Shawlette - Row Counter Page

Be sure to get the free KISS Row Counter Page.pdf! This sheet was made specifically for the KISS Triangle Shawlette pattern (free - see sidebar for link) - but can also be used to count anything with 10 rows or less. Download the pdf for the Shawlette pattern Row Counter - it’s in the sidebar.

How to USE the Row Counter Page:
When you see the pattern, you will understand how to use this page! It's logical!

The 'G' and 'S' row that you see across the top of the numbers stand for 'Garter' and 'Stockinette'. The numbers doing down vertically represent the rows of garter and stockinette in each 10-row section. The grayed circles represent the eyelet rows in the stockinette section.

All you have to do is mark through each number as you complete a row. Easy! The pattern is easy to memorize, too. KISS means Keep It Simply Satisfying!

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