Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journey Around The World Page Swap

Wow - I can't believe April flew by so fast. Majorly busy! Many things going on - road trips, deadlines, company. Whew! I can rest now - I hope.

I finished my 6x6 pages for the ATT (All Things Tim yahoo email list) Journey Around The World Swap and turned them in! About a month early, too! The pic is a sneaky peek. More about this later - after the swap.

I am knitting and art journaling mostly right now. Although Zentangling is in there, too. It's hard to make time for everything I'd like to do! Eating is taking up a big portion of time as well - got to keep the diabetes from zapping all my energy. It takes a lot of work to eat so often. I am still learning about what I need to do for ME. Lots of reading and experimenting still.

Today has been really great! Full of energy and got lots done. Went to knitting group this morning after walking the treadmill, came home to clean my studio closet floor finally! Now I can walk in it. I still have some things to put away from the trip to DFW Fiberfest (a month ago now - uh hum) and the trip up to Archiver's to meetup with the ATT Texas members. Now THAT was fun and we're planning to do it again real soon.

I joined Facebook tonight. Never thought I'd do that but I've been having so much fun on Twitter I thought - why not? I have NO IDEA how anything works on there. More reading online I expect.

OK - that's enough for now - must get to bed. I am hoping for another energy day tomorrow!

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