Thursday, November 3, 2011

Supply List for Bead Class on Ustream

My beginning Peyote Stitch Bead Class will be held LIVE on my Ustream channel - Time Warp Art - on November 18 - Friday 11AM EST.

The project will be a bracelet. The pattern PDF can be downloaded HERE.

Supply List:
-bead needle to fit your beads and thread
-nylon beading thread (Nymo) (can use dental floss to learn)
-a shank button (will be used as "clasp")
-some kind of surface to bead from - piece of leather (old coat? old purse?), suede, bead mat, washcloth
-2 colors of seed beads* - contrasting (ex. black and white, ex. light and dark)

*Delicas recommended but any size #11 seed beads can be used. You may also use larger beads, just be aware the size of the bracelet will be larger in width. Almost anything can be used to learn with!

If you'd like to get a jump on things, watch our Mitzi's Ustream recording on making a Starter Strip Ruler! Taking inspiration from a starter strip I put on my bead website years back Mitzi has created a great tool for us to use in our beadwork!

So, I am looking forward to the Bead Class on November 18th! Hope to see ya'll there!


LadyofLostTimes said...

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Dec. 13, 2011 I hope you get this note - Hi Brenda - I just listened to Mitzi Curry's video on the starter strip beaded ruler. Excellent video.
I would like to contact Mitzi - do you have a email address for her please.
I'm going to be doing a large peyote project which is 18" wide and have a few questions for her.
My email is:
Alberta, Canada