Saturday, December 31, 2011

Use It Up and the Last Post for 2011

What a day! This computer is over 3 years old and telling the tale. Would not boot. Son2 worked on it all afternoon and finally got it to boot up. Still don't know exactly what the problem is. It may also happen again. And again. We shall see.

I have been advised to NOT put large files (videos..umhum) on the C drive. OK. Now I need to get them off and defrag. But not tonight! Already having withdrawls from non-computer-useage! So, tomorrow I shall begin "cleaning" the computer.

At the same time, the Studio is getting "cleaned". Way too much stuff in here! Well, there is good news on that front. UIU to the rescue! Use It Up! Instead of buying more and more STUFF, do as Fran suggests and go shopping in your own home! I have taken the pledge and can't wait to put it into action.

Read about the Pledge here at LadyFran's Blog. Use the supplies that have been sitting on the shelf or in a drawer. When was the last time you saw what was even IN that bottom drawer? What happened to those who-zee-what-its you bought last week? Last month? Last YEAR?

Take what you have and make it work! Re-think those projects. Re-evaluate the reason you wanted to make that "wonderful" such-and-such in the first place! And if it was so "wonderful", why didn't you make it? All good questions to ask yourself - especially BEFORE spending hard earned bucks.

I PLEDGE TO USE IT UP in 2012 and beyond! Won't you join in?


Anonymous said...

Hi Bren...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Reading through your post i'm now heading over to Fran;s blog to read all about the pledge... it makes sense to use what we have :-)

Sarah xx

Felicia said...

Wandering through to say hello to/from a fellow UIU Buddy! We can do it!! Good luck!!

Happy New Year!

Sandra said...

I pledge to UIU too! Can't wait to see what comes from your stash this year! :)

Ann said...

I've joined up too - it's gonna be really tough.
Only done two days and I've been tempted to buy things twice already - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek we've gotta support each other.
Ann xxx

LadyofLostTimes said...

<3 Bren!

Abi said...

Another fellow UIU-er here, good luck getting through the stash & can't wait to see what you make xx

Karen said...

Hi Brenda, I've popped over from Fran's blog to try and introduce myself to other UIU pledge takers. Look forward to seeing what you make in future hugs Karen x