Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Keys 4 Art Cabinet

I am still building things and I love it! I finished the Keys 4 Art Cabinet (Kathy Orta design-Paper Phenomenon) and here it sits on my desk. It holds my Zentangle supplies and sketchbook on top! Molie or Handbook fits perfectly in the tray.

I made a drawer instead of mini albums. the drawer holds my pens and reading glasses. I've needed something functional to hold this stuff instead of keeping it piled (because I inevitably stack stuff on top and have to move something -bad, bad, bad!).

I used the Graphic 45 "Communique" paper collection. The bottom panel under the center section just has a paper laid there. It fits under the two side "boxes" because..... wait for it....

I put the whole thing together with VELCRO! That's right - all the pieces are put onto the backing board with Velcro! My brilliant son came up with this idea when I was stalling about putting it together. I wanted even more versatility and this gives it to me. I can make more pieces and switch them around - what fun!
The Gasp Pump is almost complete - still working out the top part before putting everything together. The mini albums and drawer are complete. More about this later when it's all finished! But here's a peek at the minis in the drawer:

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YAYALADYBUG . . . said...

Velcro! What a brilliant idea!!! This is not only beautiful but practical also. Great job!