Monday, July 23, 2007


OK. I know I just started knitting Continental style in February and I knew my tension would improve and even out over time. One thing I did not THINK ABOUT: starting the first Baudelaire sock May 16 and then having to LEAVE IT sit for a while – coming back to it in July – only to find my gauge went from 8spi to 8.5spi! The second Baudelaire is tighter to get over my heel and looks a bit smaller when you lay them out side by side. Hmmmm…..

It feels ok once it’s on and no one will be able to tell the difference if I keep my mouth shut! I’d like to finish and wear them on Friday to a family gathering. We’ll see if I can knit that fast!

This is another good reason NOT to get SSS! (second sock syndrome)

Oh man, I just heard thunder – again. This is very strange weather for Austin….. my son just called and he’s heading home from Dallas. He’ll be right in the storm all the way home looks like (on the radar). If it’s been raining all summer so far, (and it usually is very DRY in summer) WHAT is the fall and winter going to be like???

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