Friday, July 6, 2007

Raining Again

I've never seen so much RAIN in the SUMMER. This is weird. I suppose I should look at the bright side - more time to KNIT! Although today I've been doing more reading about knitting than actually producing something. OK, we can call it "research".
This is my first post so I should tell what I've been working on. I just finished a pair of socks July 3 and I'm wearing them now. So comfy! They're made from Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Stretch. 41% cotton, 39% superwash wool, 13% polyamide, 7% Elite(pbt) - whatever that is. It knits up beautifully! It's soft and stretchy and feels great in my Birkies. I'll post a pic as soon as I can figure out how. These were my "mindless" knitting. TaDA! Pic posted!

I have a pair of socks from Sockotta at the heel - both of them. I hope to turn the heels this weekend (since it will probably be raining). I don't like this yarn though. It's hard on the hands - no stretch. It's 45% coton, 40% superwash wool and 15% nylon. The colorway is mostly greens - aqua to olive. It's also self-patterning - my first experience with that type of yarn. Also "mindless" knitting.

I'm working on Cookie A's Baudelaire - the first one is just past the heel turn. It's been difficult to work on because of having to have the chart with me. I've been in and out of appointments for the last month and needed the mindless knitting above to take along. I made Twinkle Toes after catching Cookie on Knitty Gritty and couldn't wait to try Baudelaire! She was great to watch!
I need to figure out how to add links into this text. And make the photos go where *I* want them to go!
This is my sweet pussy cat, K.C. He's napping in my paper recycling box (just emptied it). He's smart enough to know what to do when I say "..back aWAY from the wool!"

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Suna said...

Hee hee. I was about to post, "Hey, it's raining a lot where I live, too." Then I looked, and no wonder, you live where I live.

Most of the Austin bloggers seem to be down south, but I am the one way north, closer to Round Rock and Cedar Park.