Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Diagnosis: Life

Well, I've been having some major health issues the last several months and last week the cause of it all seems to have made it's presence known. I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I am on meds with orders to walk 30 minutes a day and revise my eating habits. There is quite a learning curve involved with this. Bought a One Touch glucose meter and feel like a pincushion now. It will take some getting used to - all of this new life style - but used to it I will be! Eventually. Lots to remember, lots to read about. Oh and I am cooking, too! Now THAT IS a change.

I have been researching the heck out of the internet for the last week and walking 30 minutes almost every morning (except sat). I think I have my diet search well underway and my DH and I went out shopping for a treadmill today. After more internet research (can we say endless library?) I have made a decision to get a Horizon treadmill. I am still up in the air about the choice between 2 models, but I'm sure that will clear itself up soon. I hope to buy one this week
because the weather here is sooooo HUMID you could scoop the air up with a spoon. Ick. Walking is a real challenge in this stuff!

My art has become really important, too. If I didn't have things to get excited about and to interest me I don't know what would happen. I am knitting a light blankie for my Studio in Noro Silk Garden. Here is a pic of the first block.

I'm working my own pattern for reversible mitered squares in blocks of 16, then I will put them all together later. I don't have enough yarn leftovers yet to make the whole thing, but I will!

This is how the yarn looked when I first began. I joined the yarn lengths into a single ball. I'm using #8 bamboo knitting needles.

You can find my mitered square pattern on Ravelry. I want to make it into a PDF with final revisions and more photos.

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