Monday, June 28, 2010

Tablet Weaving on Cricket

This is what I am doing today (after chores of course). I got it warped and began the weaving Friday, but couldn't get back to it until today. It's so much fun! I have been making short warps to sample patterns and have another warp in the threading process right now.

Making looms has also become an obsession! It's fun to puzzle out how to make the looms do different things - like how to make a warp roller on a PVC loom. I did it! Pics soon - I want to get a warp on it first.

Knitting in progress: multiple pairs of socks, a blankie from Noro Silk Garden left-overs (mostly left overs) and a new top from Norah Gaughan called Pucker - in the original yarn and color. Boy, do I need to update my Ravelry database! Waaaay behind. Been having Gremlins in my computers and having a hard time getting cooperation from software. Argh. Knitting is close by. It helps.

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Anonymous said...

I am fascinated by this. How do you deal with all the warp twist build-up. I use a warp weighted loom and am constantly releasing the warp twist. Please share with me how you deal with the warp twist on a warp beam loop. Thank you.