Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clapotis Came Out To Play

Wheee!! The weather was chilly this morning so when I went to knitting, my favorite wrap got to go too! This was my first Clapotis (I made 3 total so far) and I used multiple colorways of Silk Garden (Noro). I love this wrap! People keep wanting to buy it - no way!

I also wore my green "Pucker" top, my skinny green scarf AND my sock earrings! After knitting I ran some errands and some dude (read hippie-type-white-beard-santa-claus-looking-dude) started talking to me about the earrings. That's a nice memory for the first nice Fall day! Fun!

There were some other compliments as I went along. Makes you feel good when people notice things you do. I had a Sonic burger and ONION RINGS for a late lunch and then went back to work in the Studio. Making some nice progress! More about that later.

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