Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lizard Adventures Take Two

This is the smallest baby gecko yet this year! Found him in the bathroom about 4am. I have this habitat left over from the boys' young days and I use it to put the lizzies in until I can put them outside in the eclectic garden (hubby has odd things in his garden - like a Barbie car heehee!) The pencil is for size comparison. He's more curious than scared, unlike his cousin a couple of days ago. THAT one wanted to do nothing but escape! Had to chase him 3 times - luckily it was daylight, so out he went immediately onto the Barbie car! I don't want to terrorize these little guys! Btw, the Barbie car is full of food for them - tiny spiders live in it mostly. I wonder if lizzies can see color? The car is RED and when I put them down, they always head for it!

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