Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art Journals Ready to Travel!

Just finished painting/spraying the backgrounds on these 2 art journals. I made both - the one on the right is ala Teesha Moore - from 1 sheet of watercolor paper. The link is to her video tutorials.

The journal on the left I made a bunch of a while back (after a class) and haven't used them all yet. This one has a polymer clay medallion on the cover and a leather sewn binding. Also with watercolor paper pages.
I used Adirondack Color Wash (Ranger) sprays. I finally got the nozzles to work - these are the old bottles. I have six colors. I plan to get more after this! The sprays and stencil technique is great! I didn't want to stop once I got started but - had to let pages dry every once in a while!
This page is from the alaTeesha journal. Oh, that's a Tim Holtz clock mask. I also used some stencils (templates) from Crafter's Workshop.

These three pics above are also from the alaTeesha journal. If you watch her videos, you'll see her design has flaps. Not sure I will do this one again. Not crazy about the flaps. But it was quick and in an emergency (yes, artists' have emergencies!) it would be great knowledge to have. So, it goes in my art box of ideas.
This page is from the leather journal. I've already started some stamping.

Two of the above pages have a little problem I'll have to work out - blobbing in the center. It's from too much ink/paint and not waiting for things to dry....uhm..hmmm. Patience is virtue.... And the center one's pages stuck together (again - patience is...). I'll fix it when I'm journaling.

Well, I can't show you ALL the pages but you get the idea. I'm being influenced by Teesha Moore's style, Dyan Reaveley's style of working and also by Dina Wakley.
Feels great to be ready to stamp and keep going. They can travel with me now! Can't wait to pack them into my Tim Holtz messenger bag (see a previous post!) and take a road trip!

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Kathi said...

I love your journals. Did you do a video on these? Thank you for sharing these lovely books. Keep up the great work.