Wednesday, March 2, 2011

CCC #34 and The Martins Return

We've had a Martin House for several years now and this morning, I heard a familiar song as I went out to check the mail. In the backyard, there was Mr. B (for Beardsley) sitting in front of his usual opening - that wasn't open. You see, in the winter we close the house to keep out the sparrows.

He asked (singing sweetly) for me to open up! After saying hello, I said "I can fix that if you..." and he flew off. 3 martins circled overhead while I took down the house, opened all the holes and put the house back up. Then they flew low over my head - singing what I hope was "thank you" and proceeded to fly away toward the creek where I hope they had a nice lunch.

So, in honor of the Martin clan returning from Brazil for the year, I made this tag.
This covers the Compendium of Curiosities Challenge #34 - the Dimensional Collage Fragment technique from page 63 of the book. I used Tim Holtz paper and cut a tag using TH tag die and my Vagabond (love this thing!) Used TH stickers, flying bird (Ideology) and some older pieces from TH - "distressables and doo-dads" that was put out by Design Originals. Yes, I've been hoarding TH stuff!
The paper in back of the fragment was from an old dictionary, rubber stamped with a small bird in silhouette. I was stuck on this challenge until this morning when I heard my Martin friends! Now, I hope the rest of the clan arrives here safely, too.


Deborah Mahnken said...

Love it!

Kathy Eddy said...

Great project for this challenge and loved your Martin story. I used to have a beautiful house that my hubby built for me at my old house. We moved 4 years ago and thought we better not dig it up and bring it with us even though I thought we should. LOL

Kelly said...

Very nice, I love the calendar!

Karen said...

A lovely story and great tag!

MarleneMAZ said...

Great tag! love the idea behind it, how fun using all those birds.

RosC said...

This such a lovely tag with a touching story to give it birth. Birds are so important in our lives and tell about the seasons and the health of the habitat. I watch for the various birds to come by our place - flocks of ibis in Spring, honeyeaters, black cockatoos - handsome, noisy things they are. Gorgeous work.

Julie Forest said...

Gorgeous tag and fabulous collaged fragment! Loved your Martin story, too. It's so wonderful when feathered friends return! We have a beautiful owl that likes to frequent our yard. :)

Linda Ledbetter said...

I love this post! I'm imagining Mr. B asking, in his lovely voice, for you to open up his house for spring, and what a sweet picture that is! Your tag is a beautiful tribute to your winged friends, and is brilliantly designed and such a treat for the eyes! You did a beautiful job on the Fragment collage, and created a stunning tag around it!

Please give my regards to the Martins and enjoy the signs of spring!

BTW, I had to laugh at myself, because when I first saw your title I didn't have my reading glass on, and I misread it and thought it said "The Martinis Return." I was wondering if they were shaken or stirred... ;-)