Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No work guys - again

This has been parked in our driveway for a week now:Along with this mess:
And the workers didn't come yet again today. It was predicted by the "weather" people that the storm named "Edouard" was going to give us some rain. HAH! NOT!!! So, the foundation workers decided it would not be a good idea to dig any more holes on Tuesday. I expected they would show up today but NOOOOOO.... I am very disappointed that we have to look at this mess and that the house is getting more cracks by the minute. I am angry, I am frustrated and doggonnit I want this DONE.

It's bad enough they started the job 2 weeks later than they told us. Then, it took forever just to get the holes dug on the first side of the house. Our lovely grass now has dead spots and there are "ditches" in the yard, too.

The noise had chased away the birds - which came back yesterday and I did get to see finches, cardinals and some as-yet-unidentified little birds whose technique at the feeder is to snatch-and-grab. I have to find the bird book and look them up. I did enjoy watching them and didn't realize I missed doing that!

However, when the workers DO come back, they'll vanish again. No rain and wasted days. More frustration than I want to deal with. OK enough about that for now. Here is some fun: This is a Pile-O-Knitting. It's my red Liesl with a sleeve in progress. I put it on a turntable because I always - always - drop double-point needles and this helps! I just spin it around and around as I work and then go back around to unspin the yarn or else I have a very twisted mess!
I am almost finished with the second sleeve on the copper Liesl. I will try to finish before I hit the bed tonight, but wouldn't you know - the yarn ball ran out just before the bind-off!

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