Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tractor still here AND Birthday Present!

Well, the guys finished digging the last hole yesterday and Wednesday (we had a tiny bit of rain today) the concrete is scheduled to be poured. Then it's another week or more before the next step and then after that one, another week or more until they can fill in and fix the stuff that got messed up during this whole process! Man, what a mess this is. I will be glad when it's over!

I am writing this from my Birthday Present! I was very depressed about the foundation stuff, so my wonderful hubby took me shopping Saturday for a new computer. We had a good time at the electronics store and I even got a 24 inch flat screen monitor!!! This thing is B-U-tiful to behold! It's huge! I have been loading software and playing around in between laundry today. Now, technically, my Birthday isn't until Sunday, but my terrific spouse knows what I need and do I ever feel better! I still have lots of software to add but I learned my lesson from previous computers - not to put too much on too soon. Add one, let it run for a while and get used to that then add another. And not too quickly! It will take several more days to get everything together and for my new baby to feel like "home". I love the speed and the ability to do more things at the same time. I think I will probably keep blogging from my laptop though. It's got a card reader to load photos and with wireless, I can even blog from outside. Oh my, what did we ever do without computers?? My mother's microwave went out last week - she was going nuts trying to remember how to heat things up without it. It's amazing what you get used to and then have to do without - it's like going cold turkey trying to give up Diet Coke - ain't happnin' people.

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