Wednesday, August 13, 2008

PandaSilk Socks, Liesls and New PC

I started these socks today with Panda Silk I bought in North Carolina. 2mm Addis and Magic Loop technique. I am loving how this yarn works up - nice and smooth and very soft! I like it much better than the Maizy which is very splitty and a larger diameter yarn.
The foot shall be just stockinette stitch and then I'll decide on a stitch pattern when I get to the legs. I need something mindless to work on - interruptions are a little too frequent around here just now.
The Blue Jean Sock I started in NC keeps getting frogged every so often because of all the interruptions every time I pick it up to work on it! I'll eventually get the pair done I guess.
The Copper Liesl and the red Liesl are below. Still trying to figure out the easiest way to blog from Flikr. Seems to be easiest to blog each photo (just have to remember to do it in the reverse way I want it to show up here) and then post it. I don't think you can put more than one photo in the blog from there. If anyone knows if there IS - please let me know!
And yes, that darn tractor is still in the driveway. They poured the concrete columns today but said they'll pick up that thing tomorrow. It will be nice to have my driveway back. But the juniper bonsai in the front are dying. Well, so would you be if you got trampled and tools thrown on you!

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