Monday, August 27, 2007

Busy, busy, busy....

If only I had time to stay home - I could knit! Lots going on. I'm concentrating on my Campanula socks when I am home - one is done, 2 repeats up the leg of #2 (pics later).

My mother had a wee accident and has to have surgery on her right shoulder. Torn tendons on the rotator cuff. So - I am a busy chauffer for the next several weeks. She who doesn't like to drive - yep. Mindless knitting goes, too.

I am cleaning my studio when I have some time and the back of my truck is filling up with stuff. Now I have work space on the big table to lay out my yarn and pick for projects to do while waiting at the hospital and at Mom's house while she recovers. My collage work can be seen now, too and I have projects in various stages of prep. I just have to weed out things I no longer want to do and those things I know I'll never get around to (as in lost momentum). I've been working on de-cluttering for a while now. It just takes a long time to go through things and make a decision! I go back through several times and each time I do, I get rid of more links in the ol' chain that tends to drag me down when I have too much "commitment" hanging over my head.

Today worked on the laundry mountain. My washer is going out. Bit by bit the spin cycles are dying - re-spin, re-spin. Looks like a new front loader is on the horizon (with matching dryer - it's been bad for a while). Takes forEVER to do the laundry. Set the timer, run back to the machines, set the timer again... you get the picture. I just love the RED ones they have sitting in Lowe's! Don't know how the DH feels about that tho....

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