Monday, August 27, 2007

Campanula Update - Finished!

I just finished both Campanula socks! Here are the baby pictures:
On the feet:

They are a bit loose, but they haven't been washed yet and I expect they'll even out nicely. I did try the bind off suggested in the pattern and I like it! Stretchy but not too. The only trouble I had (aside from finding time to knit!) was coming out of the first heel and getting the stitch count right. This is the first pattern I've worked where the stitch count changed and it did confuse me at first. It finally clicked and I got it on the third try and the second heel was a piece of cake! I do love the Smooshy yarn and am glad I have more!


Suna said...

I posted most of this on the Campanula blog, too, but I will repeat here :-)

I also had a lot of yarn left over, and I am pretty sure I did one more repeat on the legs than you did. Mine are also quite loose (and that is on size 0 needles). We'd probably have enough for another pair of socks if we combined our leftover Pale Fire!

I think it is pretty funny we were the first two finished with the socks on the KAL, and we used the same yarn. Well, I doubt we'll run into each other on the street or anything!

Enjoy your socks, and thanks for being the one who inspired me to do the KAL in the first place--I read about it after stumbling on your blog.

knittybabe said...

Hi suna! I had over 35g left! I used Addi 0's, too. I think I will use the leftover Smooshy to make another "sampler" arm warmer. I've made 2 before. I'll have to find them and take pics for the blog.