Friday, August 17, 2007

Today is...

My BIRTHDAY! As promised, I am going to share pics of my presents. My Yarn Stash (yes, I can now use capital letters – it’s grown that much) is falling out of the basket.
My DH bought these for me: Favorite Socks book (eyed that for a while now)
Socks That Rock and some of Ray's lovely yarn - Wine and Cheese and some to dye myself later.
STR - Undertoe and Tide Pool:
STR - Lunasea and Love in Idleness:
This is Undertoe in winding stage: I put the skein on the reel and wound one large cake first. Then took that, put it on the scale to make the 2 even cakes. During this process, the large cake began to do a dance. It rose up and "bloomed" and while I watched it, it made flowers in the center. There is no way to describe how cool watching this is. You have to try it for yourself.
Toward the end of the large cake, it made a "basket" which is cool. There again, you have to see it for yourself. Or maybe I am just easily amused.
Here's what Undertoe looks like on the reel:
Undertoe also has the same colors as my fav ring: a Mystic Fire Topaz.
I will continue this in another post - I can't seem to figure out how to get the photos to load at the END of the typing! Anyone know how this works? This time, I loaded all the photos first, and then filled in with typing. Seems to work for some photos but not for a lot of them!

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Suna said...

First, happy birthday! Second, Blogger doesn't treat photos in a very sophisticated manner, sigh. I usually just insert them all at once, then edit the code to make them align="left" or align="right" and put the picture code in the relevant paragraph.

When I have just one photo, I tend to use Flickr, because it puts the picture where I want it, and labels it.

I have a mystic fire stone in a necklace I have, which has obsidian fish and two pearls as well. It's a Pisces necklace.