Friday, August 17, 2007


This is the batch of stash contributed to by my friends (Thanks, Gals!). I also got more Addi Turbo needles - for those times when I have Start-itis. In the back row: Lana Grossa Meilinweit cotton stretch. I love this stuff! It works up nice and feels good on the feet. In the front row - more "Smooshy" yarn. All purchased at my LYS, Hill Country Weavers.
Smooshy yarn in In Vino Veritas colorway - to the heel of the first Lace Wing sock.
This bag I found at my local Hobby Lobby for $6.99 - very kewl tewl! It's amazing what I can get in there! Pockets everywhere! I was tempted to get another, but one has got to be enough or else I'd never find my tools. They need to be together.
There are six outer pockets on each side and two large pockets on each side. Plus, two more pockets on the inside - with velcro closures. I am, at the moment, considering covering the velcro - I want to put a sock-in-progress in each pocket, but mr. velcro snags. I have paper behind the socks for now.
Other than the velcro snag - this is a great bag!

So, now that I have the day to myself, and I've caught up on blogging, I am going to KNIT!


Suna said...

Ooh, I didn't know HCW had Smooshy. If I can convince any of my friends to leave the safety of the Round Rock/Cedar Park area, I'll send them there for some. They were all envying mine that I got online.

Merna said...

Oh yeah, cover the velcro. I did that on a pocket on my bag, just knit a rectangle the size of the velcro and stick it on!

knittybabe said...

Hi Suna, I need to tell HCW how much I like Smooshy. They were wondering since it's new to the store. We'll have to meet sometime and wear our smooshy socks!

knittybabe said...

Hey Merna - great idea! Thanks!