Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bunny Rescue!

Well, this is the last thing I expected to do today - rescue a baby bunny! When my DH got back from the dentist, I heard him yell and went outside to see what the.....was going on. He called me over to see this poor baby bunny laying in the grass on the side of the driveway. A cat was under my truck. Needless to say I yelled at that cat!
I got my gardening gloves and a box. He was bleeding just a little bit on his neck. Apparently, the cat had carried him as they will and was just sitting there watching him as my DH came up the driveway.
Not knowing anything about rabbits other than they are very soft, angora bunny hair can be spun, and they are vegetarians - we took him to the Humane Society where they took him in to the vet there and said he'll be ok.
We know at least one neighbor has a large white rabbit, so when no one answered the door, I took the above pic and left them a note. I hope they go and get him!

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