Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Pair of the New Year

I just finished my first pair of socks for 2008!
Pattern: Broad Spiral Rib ala B. Walker
Yarn: Smooshy by Dream in Color, color Gothic Rose
Needles: Addi Turbo size 0 (2mm)
Used: PGR short row heel and worked toe-up.
I am working on the Ivory pair. Number one is going up the leg.
I got most of this sock done at the hospital this week. Mom had cataract surgery (yikes) left eye. The toe of number two is waiting for a needle. I got a bad case of start-itis before Thanksgiving and used all the needles. I do not like when I do that! Especially when so much time passes before I can get to them all. I seem to lose momentum with some of the designs I pick and then they just sit. Well, this time the culprit is TIME itself. Which has been short in the past few months. I do like the Broad Spiral Rib pattern - it's easy to memorize and I can even work it in public. Plain ribbing is so boring! I have a pair almost up to the heels in plain stockinette and I don't want to work on them they are so boring. Well, maybe I should just bite the bullet and get them past the heel and then work BSR up the legs!

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