Monday, January 21, 2008

Rainy Monday - Time to KNIT

It's rainy and very cold outside! Supposed to be like this all week.

We've had the cable guy out here 3, no 4 times recently. Then the internet went out (the other guy caused it) so we had another guy out for THAT. Well, he messed up the TV again! ARgh!\#! He wasn't even supposed to mess with the TV part at all, just the internet. Annoying! The ijits think they know *every*thing. Yikes. OK. Rant over. Now to more important things:

Between loads of laundry today, I made this:I used the pattern I made up for the mini stockings I put in some of our C-mas Cards. I was aiming for earring size but it came out too big. Sooooo I ordered Carol's Los Lobe Hose pattern! Why re-invent the wheel when her pattern is already done and so cute? I have plenty of Koigu and Lorna's Laces leftovers to play with when it gets here.
The above sock (and it's mate) is almost done (see last post) and I've started another pair of Broad Spiral Ribs in ivory Meilenweit. (see below - the darn pics got mixed up again).
This is a larger row counter I made for the Padova sweaters I have going. I really do like these nifty tools! Much better than moving a post-it-note up and down a chart!
Above is the started BSRib. Notice the row counter in use. Below is K.C. trying to entice me away from the computer.
"C'mon, Mom, let's play! Aren't I too cute to ignore?"

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