Tuesday, August 17, 2010

BirthDay Pressies!

I had a nice Birthday lunch with Mom, my oldest son is coming over in a while and these are my presents for today! I haven't even opened the book covers yet - I made myself wait for today.
I've needed the wireless keyboard and mouse for a couple of months but wanted certain ones.
I have wanted Swing, Swagger and Drape for a while. It's designs are so beautiful I can't wait to look (haven't had time yet today). Transparent Art is the other book I've wanted for a while.
My back is getting there - need Tylenol right tho - stayed out too long I guess but it was fun! I just had my birthday dessert - sugar free ice cream with sf chocolate bits. I know it doesn't sound like it tastes good - but for someone with diabetes who hasn't had much sugar in the last 2 months - it was delicious!

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