Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Journal Keeping

Whether you journal for arts' sake, for your own enjoyment or to remember things you did, saw or experienced - journaling is a personal thing.

Ali Edwards tweeted a great article today about travel journaling.

Lavinia Spalding was asked some questions and here is my favorite part:

"That said, I don't think journals and blogs are mutually exclusive. In a way, it's the perfect combination: keep a journal for private memories and discoveries, take copious photos so you'll never forget the beautiful and bizarre, and use your blog as a tool to entertain and inform."

This is exactly how I feel about it! I like to work in my personal journals every day and enjoy writing and pasting things in my travel journal when we take trips. My everyday journal is on the computer - and it starts when I boot up so it's IN MY FACE so to speak. I see it - even if it's just before I log off for the day. I stop and take care of "business" even though it's just a sentence or two. I will sometimes "finish" the next day.

At present, I'm still trying to organize my life around new challenges so I print out my journal pages and my blog entries to paste into my moleskine. I hope to include some drawings, paintings, photos and hand-written entries (like previous journals) later on when I catch up with myself. Right now - it's just so I will DO IT. Keep the habit.

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