Friday, August 20, 2010

Paper Cranes

I've been folding origami cranes for about a month now - and after I started doing them I keep seeing Tweets or blog posts that refer to the crane legend from Japan. I had folded cranes before - a couple of years ago but gave up after a couple of months. I can't remember why.
I wanted to start making them again this summer and this time keep going! I am keeping track in my daily journal and stringing them to hang across the closet door in my studio. I am mostly using junk mail (cut to various sizes) as a way to recycle - it's mostly catalog pages - and to make use of a free resource for paper.
I did buy some real origami paper at Hobby Lobby (with coupon) the other day though - these papers make a nice splash of bright color in the strings. And I plan to put some papers in my purse for when I'm out. I try to fold at least 1 crane every day - mostly it's more. One day I folded 23!

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