Friday, August 13, 2010

Lehmus Progress

Hurt my back - actually right hip area - on Monday. Wednesday it seems I hit the peak of pain because yesterday it felt better! I still can't bend but at least I can stand and walk some. It's even better today (still no bending). More walking and standing! I do not know WHAT I did to it other than walk down a flight of stairs at the Mall (instead of being lazy and taking the escalator - I was proud of myself). Maybe I over-did it just a tad? Had ramped up the treadmill a bit and then walked at the Mall and took the stairs. Sheesh. I have to be SO careful! And it was such a productive day!
My Lehmus shawl is growing nicely. It's actually a few inches past what you see in this photo. It's all bunched up on the left to try to stretch it a bit. I want a large shawl so I'm going to keep knitting. This pattern is awesome! I know I'll make more of these.

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