Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy Spring Day Saturday

Wow! I had no idea when I went to bed Friday night that Saturday would be so busy and productive. We went to Lowe's and came home with 2 huge shelf units which we put together after taking most of the stuff out of the garage (just the stuff on the floor). We had one of these big units already and 2 other, smaller units - which were re-organized last spring and had pretty much stayed nice. There were some things that came out and didn't get put back but I took care of that, too.

I love those clear, plastic "boxes" you can get at Wal-mart (well, just about anywhere now) 'cause you can see what's in them without having to open them up! I also have a label maker that was put to good use. We aren't quite finished putting things away. Our son needs to get his stuff put up there, too - which includes cleaning his room some more and I need to buy some more plastic boxes because 3 of them were too tall to fit! Oh well, maybe DS can use them in his room.
My DH had a "workbench" on the washer/dryer side and he put that out on the back porch to use while gardening. The other shelf went in it's place. Wow - what a difference in the garage! Most everything has a place to be now. It's great! I can't wait to completely finish it.

And yes, it is very spring-like here. 80 degrees!

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