Friday, February 22, 2008

Thursday Feb. 21: Food - of All Things

Meatball Sandwich for lunch - Jenny Craig. This is year two for trying weight loss with JC. Last year, I lost 16 lbs, went off JC in August (mom's accident/surgery) and 6 months later have kept off all but 5 lbs!

I like the fact that you don't have to make hard food decisions. You make your menu for a week ahead of time and buy your JC food and reg stuff accordingly. You're all set for the week. You follow your menu (there are always some deviations, but that's ok as long as you keep in mind WHAT you are eating) and drink water. Try to exercise as much as you can -with me that is difficult. I love to walk but don't live in the best neighborhood right now. I do have an exercise bike and it is where I can use it. I am looking into weight training, too.

I am kind of different where food is concerned. I FORGET to eat. Food is not that important to me. I have to eat on a schedule or I forget! I have also found that I don't lose weight if I don't eat enough. Weird, I know. With JC, it seems I'm always eating! I guess being borderline diabetic that is a good thing. I have to eat to keep my system in line!

I want to look into vegetarian eating. I would have been a veg a long time ago, except I married a meat 'n tatters kind of guy. Well, if I have my way, our way of eating is going to change for the healthier in the future. Let me get to the weight I want (meanwhile introducing new veggies etc into our eating) and we'll get there.

After 32 years of marriage, I am still learning things about my DH. I found out (and I'm sure he didn't mean to let it be known ) that he is a veggie chopping demon! Whoa! He is in for it now!

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