Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Martins in the Morning and other birds, too.

It sounded like a full orchestra tuning up out back this morning! Such goings on around the Martin Colony House! Scout Peabody still had his "tag-a-long" young one and he is trying to get it to go find it's own mate by pushing it off the house and chasing it away.

The rest of the Martins were popping in and out of various apartments and interacting with each other - all with much singing and screeing. The Beardsleys still seem to prefer the upper right apartment on the human house side, while Scout P would rather be on the other side in the same place as last year - away from the humans. He has always been a bit skittish. Mr B however, likes to listen to my music and sing along with it sometimes and he even sits and listens to me talk to him. Mrs B tolerates me just fine.

Mr and Mrs Cardinal showed up and even a pair of Blue Jays! The Doves (oh, we have multitudes of these things and also Grackles) were eating the stale sunflower seeds I put out the other day. Didn't want to just throw the seeds out! There were a couple of other gray birds I can't identify yet, too. Haven't seen the squirrels yet.

Now, you may think I'm a a bit nuts for naming these wild things, but I can only tell the two apart by where they are on the house and by some of their habits. I did not name any of the others because I could not find any little thing that set them apart.

This year, I don't know what to expect because we could have more than 4 families move in. I just have to keep watching! And this year, I have a covered porch to shade me from the heat of summer and late spring. What unexpected fun!

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