Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Purple Martins are here! Scout Peabody was followed by one of his younguns and Mr Beardsley came, too! They showed up Friday, didn't see them for a while and then I saw 2 of them briefly Monday morning before I headed out for the day. I'm glad I got the house opened up in time! I love hearing them sing. Mr B is very, very vocal and he has a bit of a crest on his head. The only way I could tell which bird was which at first was where they went in the birdhouse! This will be the second year for our house. Last year we had 4 nests! And only lost 1 (maybe 2) babies. Now, we have a swing under the porch roof and I certainly do enjoy going out with my coffee and or knitting to listen and watch the families interact. I never considered myself a bird-watcher but I guess I am!

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