Sunday, February 24, 2008

Still Busy with Spring Cleaning

Busy Sunday, too. I did the laundry today instead of my usual Monday since I have to be gone. DH did some yard work and planted some Marigold seeds. Hmmmm. We'll see if they come up. They are supposed to grow in the shade.... Still didn't get the porch roll shade put up. Darn.

We went over to Mom's in the afternoon and he worked in her yard a while - mostly getting rid of old, dead plants and some unruly weeds. Checked out her sprinkler system, too. We stopped at McD's on the way home since it was late. French fries! Oh so bad for food plan but boy did they taste good! Chicken strips were kinda over-done but I ate them anyway. Needed the protein. Probably should have opted for the Subway but neither one of us really wanted to get out of the truck. Pooped is a mild word for it.

I did some video edits today, too - while waiting on laundry in between changing machines. I even managed to KNIT on a sock this afternoon!

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