Friday, March 7, 2008

Maggie Sefton's new book #4

Maggie Sefton's new book #4
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Found some new books to pass the time - a new genre called "Cozy Mysteries". I've read about a dozen so far and pass them on to my mom and she likes them too. Quick, easy reads - very enjoyable and my fav author so far (mom's too) is Maggie Sefton. Love the way she writes! Nice, easy read but you don't want to put it down! Her descriptions make you SEE into the knit shop and SEE the alpaca and SEE the land. Her characters seem real, too. Mom and I talk about "Kelly" as if we know her! Such fun and I have Mom to share this with!

I finished #4 (A Killer Stitch) and am impatiently waiting for her 5th not due out til June. I started with Ms. Sefton's first book because of the subject matter - I was reading a blog and a pic of the cover was in a side bar and went to see what it was. Oh boy, knitting!

There are more authors and you can find these books at, of course. Another author I like is Monica Ferris and then there is Laura Childs, too.

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