Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Studio

studio shot
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I love my Studio - it's MINE all MINE! No one can come in unless invited. No one can mess with my STUFF. Even the cat has to be allowed to come in!

This photo is a collection of containers atop an antique chest of drawers - which houses some tools, misc small items and incense in the bottom drawers. It smells sooooo good when I open a drawer. I love sandalwood.

The BIG containers hold yarn scraps (in case of repairs or for tags), some small mirrors, marbles and glass drops - with eucalyptus leaves coming out the top for decoration. A collaged tin can holds my watercolor brushes and it's covered with an upside-down plastic soda bottle. Cuts down on dust. Sitting in the front is an undecorated pen pot. I filled the inside with paperclay after making a hole for a pen to sit. I plan to paint and collage the outside and put some moss in the top area. A decorated pen (seen leaning in about the center of the photo - flower that goes on it in a clip) will go in the pot.

There's an antique medicine bottle, a bottle holding various kinds of elastic "yarn", a glass holding tiny bottles, and an ink pad - use it alot.

I think it's fun to look into people's studios. I'll post some more peeks later or you can go to my flickr an see more. Hope you enjoyed this peek!

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