Monday, March 17, 2008

March 8 Saturday - Spring Planting Begins

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DH & I went to Natural Gardner (local plant nursery) and bought ferns for our backyard and a llive oak tree for mom. We went over to plant it 'cause it's too big to sit in the truck! 3 years we've been trying to get a tree to grow in this spot. 2 have died - mom's soil is mostly clay - holds water like crazy. Third time has to be the charm!

Here at home, we repotted the large Japanese Aralia - we want to leave it in a pot so we can move it around - then I repaired the back fence (some boards were missing or broken). I also raked leaves, pulled the weedy runners at the fence line and trimmed some of the bushes.

Just generally cleaned up the yard to get ready for further enhancements! The Purple Martins were freaking out and flying overhead. I guess hoping I wouldn't lower their house again!

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