Monday, March 17, 2008

March 14 Friday

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Yesterday- Updates on Ravelry. Net surfing.

Working on E's sweater - sleeves finished - back to the body.

I think there are more martins? I told DS - to count them while they're flying overhead squaking because we're out in the yard!

Today: Finished E's sweater by noon. I'll take it to class Tuesday.

Finished the first Embossed Leaves sock, started the toe of #2.

Saw Bewick's Wren. Finally found him! THAT is the tiny bird that's been making all that noise! He had no tail feathers though. Wonder what happened? Molting? Cat escape?

BJ came over - no grandgirls though. Had a nice visit.

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Suna said...

I just love the Bewick's wrens. They are so entertaining, bopping around and making those cute sounds. We had a nesting pair in our grill one year. No grilling then!