Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday, rain and staying inside...

studio shot
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Thought you might like to see another studio shot. The typewriter was my Dad's and it sits on top of an antique Singer sewing machine cabinet - machine is inside. My Aunt gave the cabinet and machine to me after I helped her with some stuff. I always did want it!

The closet doesn't have a door - gets in the way - the room is too small. There are books on Elfa shelves in the whole thing - you can't see the left side - it's a walk-in - but there are also most of my bead boxes on the shelves, too. And notebooks of scrap papers and ephemera and collage stuff in general. I just love page protectors. You can see everything you have! Not that I actually have EVERYthing where I can see it - YET. I'm working on that.

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