Saturday, January 26, 2008

First Pair of the New Year

I just finished my first pair of socks for 2008!
Pattern: Broad Spiral Rib ala B. Walker
Yarn: Smooshy by Dream in Color, color Gothic Rose
Needles: Addi Turbo size 0 (2mm)
Used: PGR short row heel and worked toe-up.
I am working on the Ivory pair. Number one is going up the leg.
I got most of this sock done at the hospital this week. Mom had cataract surgery (yikes) left eye. The toe of number two is waiting for a needle. I got a bad case of start-itis before Thanksgiving and used all the needles. I do not like when I do that! Especially when so much time passes before I can get to them all. I seem to lose momentum with some of the designs I pick and then they just sit. Well, this time the culprit is TIME itself. Which has been short in the past few months. I do like the Broad Spiral Rib pattern - it's easy to memorize and I can even work it in public. Plain ribbing is so boring! I have a pair almost up to the heels in plain stockinette and I don't want to work on them they are so boring. Well, maybe I should just bite the bullet and get them past the heel and then work BSR up the legs!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Rainy Monday - Time to KNIT

It's rainy and very cold outside! Supposed to be like this all week.

We've had the cable guy out here 3, no 4 times recently. Then the internet went out (the other guy caused it) so we had another guy out for THAT. Well, he messed up the TV again! ARgh!\#! He wasn't even supposed to mess with the TV part at all, just the internet. Annoying! The ijits think they know *every*thing. Yikes. OK. Rant over. Now to more important things:

Between loads of laundry today, I made this:I used the pattern I made up for the mini stockings I put in some of our C-mas Cards. I was aiming for earring size but it came out too big. Sooooo I ordered Carol's Los Lobe Hose pattern! Why re-invent the wheel when her pattern is already done and so cute? I have plenty of Koigu and Lorna's Laces leftovers to play with when it gets here.
The above sock (and it's mate) is almost done (see last post) and I've started another pair of Broad Spiral Ribs in ivory Meilenweit. (see below - the darn pics got mixed up again).
This is a larger row counter I made for the Padova sweaters I have going. I really do like these nifty tools! Much better than moving a post-it-note up and down a chart!
Above is the started BSRib. Notice the row counter in use. Below is K.C. trying to entice me away from the computer.
"C'mon, Mom, let's play! Aren't I too cute to ignore?"

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year, New Projects

Socks in progress: Broad Spiral Rib (ala B. Walker) - both socks turned heels and working up the legs. I enjoy working both socks at the same time, each on it's own needle (magic loop). The yarn is Dream in Color - Smooshy, "Gothic Rose" which is a dark red. It's yummy and Smooshy is sooooo soft! A real pleasure to knit.
I made some row counters last weekend while my DH was in Houston at a Marathon. These are 8-row counters. To use, you just put the needles into the appropriate ring at the start of each row. The jump rings are 2 different sizes (as are the beads - size 8 and 'E' beads). This way, if there is a plain row between pattern rows, you can use the 'empty' ring to mark this row.

I also re-organized my beads while hunting for some for the project and put away beads I was finished with. I also am in the process of cleaning out my studio closet - which was all messed up from the holidays. My studio is slowly returning to 'normal' as I clean it up and de-clutter at the same time. The Goodwill box is full and I have to start another one!

This is my very first, officially framed, watercolor painting! I gifted it for Christmas. My Uncle loves his little backyard workshop and I happened to get it in photos I was taking of my grand-girls in April 2006. I Photoshopped the girls out of 2 photos and combined them to get what I wanted. Also took a little imagination for some parts!

There are some license plates hanging on the porch and I think these are from his old vehicles. I used watercolor, color pencil and pen & ink techniques. I had so much fun and learned tons. It took about a month to do with all the holiday preparations. There were some parts I had to re-draw into a watercolor pad and experiment with techniques and colors. I was very worried about the "pink" pavers but I think I did ok. It took many, many layers of color to get them right! Oh, the size is about 8" x 10". I want to do some more paintings but am conflicted because I also want to knit!

I have 4 sweaters in progress: 2 are "Padova" from Louisa Harding in her book "Venizia II" 2007, one for me, one for Mom. Mine is made from LH LaSaluteQuatro shade 03 (red mix). Mom's is Alpaca from Blue Sky in a yummy dark amethyst. So soft and pretty! the La Salute Q is fuzzy - it's mohair and it doesn't shed much! I have 1 sleeve complete so far. Lots to do yet but Hey, I do have yarn for the winter! Let it ice up all it wants!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bunny Rescue!

Well, this is the last thing I expected to do today - rescue a baby bunny! When my DH got back from the dentist, I heard him yell and went outside to see what the.....was going on. He called me over to see this poor baby bunny laying in the grass on the side of the driveway. A cat was under my truck. Needless to say I yelled at that cat!
I got my gardening gloves and a box. He was bleeding just a little bit on his neck. Apparently, the cat had carried him as they will and was just sitting there watching him as my DH came up the driveway.
Not knowing anything about rabbits other than they are very soft, angora bunny hair can be spun, and they are vegetarians - we took him to the Humane Society where they took him in to the vet there and said he'll be ok.
We know at least one neighbor has a large white rabbit, so when no one answered the door, I took the above pic and left them a note. I hope they go and get him!