Monday, July 23, 2007


OK. I know I just started knitting Continental style in February and I knew my tension would improve and even out over time. One thing I did not THINK ABOUT: starting the first Baudelaire sock May 16 and then having to LEAVE IT sit for a while – coming back to it in July – only to find my gauge went from 8spi to 8.5spi! The second Baudelaire is tighter to get over my heel and looks a bit smaller when you lay them out side by side. Hmmmm…..

It feels ok once it’s on and no one will be able to tell the difference if I keep my mouth shut! I’d like to finish and wear them on Friday to a family gathering. We’ll see if I can knit that fast!

This is another good reason NOT to get SSS! (second sock syndrome)

Oh man, I just heard thunder – again. This is very strange weather for Austin….. my son just called and he’s heading home from Dallas. He’ll be right in the storm all the way home looks like (on the radar). If it’s been raining all summer so far, (and it usually is very DRY in summer) WHAT is the fall and winter going to be like???

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monkeys Done!

Went to the doctor again last week (foot doc this time). I have a Morton’s Neuroma on my right foot -where the toe bones meet the ball of the foot. Basically it’s an inflamed tendon. I ran when I should have walked – literally. I was doing so well walking and my knee felt great – so why not start running again? Ok. Bad idea. Wrong shoes. The third time out – whamo. Too much, too soon. I should know better by now! So….. I have to wear a funny looking boot and got a Cortisone shot. Ouch. And no walking for 2 weeks. More delays in my weight loss. Ugh.

On the flip side: More knitting! I finished both Monkey socks Friday!

Jitterbug Monkey Socks

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A –
Yarn: Jitterbug #135 Sahara
Needles: Addi Turbo #0 circulars
Mods: Toe-up and PG-R short row heels
Time: Started 7-9-07, completed 7-20-07

These are nice and thick for Fall and Winter. And bright! Actually, I have a fall skirt (pumpkins etc…) that I made a while back and never wore…. These socks will be perfect with it!

I picked up the Baudelaire socks again. Started the second one yesterday and got to turn the heel before crashing for the night. So… they are both past the heel now and moving on up the legs!

We’re planning (Plan A) to take vacation mid-October and head East toward Florida this time. Been to Yellowstone twice and points in-between so we thought to head another direction in the country. DH’s brother and wife live that way, too. Three weeks on the road – and I AM looking forward to it! We really do enjoy driving and camping and try to go at least once a year for a long trip. We’ve been to Big Bend 3 times or is it 4? Anyway, we’ve been taking regular vacations since 2001. ‘Bout time! And I get to start a brand new Travel Journal this time out!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smoke Gets In My Eyes

I am sitting in my studio and cigarette smoke from outside keeps getting in. The wind has been blowing from the east (the side of the house where the smokers live) for months now -along with all this weird rain. I have been putting up with this and I am FED UP!!!

This house was built in 1976 and we still own it - are in the renovation process now. We watched it being built but didn't know then what we know now about insulation, etc... There is very little of it in these walls!

The smoke keeps getting in and coming through the AC vents. I can't figure out how to stop it. I just have to keep wishing the wind would shift! Or the people would go to sleep! Speaking of.... that's where I'm headed. Early day tomorrow. What I hope will be my last physical therapy session for my shoulders is at 8 am. More about sock progress later....

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday, Monday

FO Alert: The Sockotta yarn is out of my hair now. I put myself out of my misery (I really hate this yarn) by just making footies with a picot bind-off. Glad to be done! I made myself work on them before starting anything else.

Today at the doctor's office I started my first Monkey! Here's #1 after 2 repeats. Colinette Jitterbug Colorway #135 and I'm not sure but I think it says "Sahara" and working toe-up on Addi Turbo #0 - Magic Loop.

I have been waiting and waiting to start. Now, no more excuses. I have more appointments this week so they'll go with me. While in the doc's office (waiting for Mom), I noticed a lady walk by several times. She finally sat down across from me and we started chatting about what I was making. I guess she was working up the courage to talk to me? Makes me wonder if I looked scarey or something!

After I finished the Sockotta footies, I made this bag yesterday from 1 ball Noro Kureyon and THIS pattern. I just made it taller so I could put both balls of yarn in with the sock(s) in progress. Used it today for the Monkey socks. The bag was fast and fun! I'll probably make more. Hmmmm.... this would be nice way to test patterns..... OH and the shorter version would make a GREAT gift bag! Especially if it contained hand-knitted socks!

Working on an FO list for the sidebar. Man, I didn't realize just how much knitting I had done so far this year. I finished these Jawoll socks June 21. My own lacey rib pattern (unvented, I'm sure) with a PG-R short row heel. Gotta go knit "just one more row" on the Monkey!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Raining Again

I've never seen so much RAIN in the SUMMER. This is weird. I suppose I should look at the bright side - more time to KNIT! Although today I've been doing more reading about knitting than actually producing something. OK, we can call it "research".
This is my first post so I should tell what I've been working on. I just finished a pair of socks July 3 and I'm wearing them now. So comfy! They're made from Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Stretch. 41% cotton, 39% superwash wool, 13% polyamide, 7% Elite(pbt) - whatever that is. It knits up beautifully! It's soft and stretchy and feels great in my Birkies. I'll post a pic as soon as I can figure out how. These were my "mindless" knitting. TaDA! Pic posted!

I have a pair of socks from Sockotta at the heel - both of them. I hope to turn the heels this weekend (since it will probably be raining). I don't like this yarn though. It's hard on the hands - no stretch. It's 45% coton, 40% superwash wool and 15% nylon. The colorway is mostly greens - aqua to olive. It's also self-patterning - my first experience with that type of yarn. Also "mindless" knitting.

I'm working on Cookie A's Baudelaire - the first one is just past the heel turn. It's been difficult to work on because of having to have the chart with me. I've been in and out of appointments for the last month and needed the mindless knitting above to take along. I made Twinkle Toes after catching Cookie on Knitty Gritty and couldn't wait to try Baudelaire! She was great to watch!
I need to figure out how to add links into this text. And make the photos go where *I* want them to go!
This is my sweet pussy cat, K.C. He's napping in my paper recycling box (just emptied it). He's smart enough to know what to do when I say "..back aWAY from the wool!"