Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Baby-blanket" Shawl

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Last weeks finished project springing from knitting class is a long rectangle on the bias. At the shop, the pattern was made into a baby blanket - very cute - but not what I envisioned when I saw this color. So.. the muse came out and in 4 days I had a finished shawl.
The yarn: Fandango chunky cotton by Colinette, color way jay 85 I used 4 100g hanks and had some left. I thought perhaps tassels on the corners, but in practical thinking, they would get in my way! So no tassels.

Decisions-decisions For the Trip - part 2

I can never get the blogging software to put my photos where I want them so I have to use flickr to blog from - one pic at a time. Oh well, it gets the job done!

This is the pile of possible projects to take on the trip. Since we are driving from Texas to Tennessee that's a lot of drive time. I am mostly the passenger. (grin) This does not include the painting kit or watercolor pad. There are also some books I've been meaning to read in that red basket along with the old and new trip journals. Oh, and a bag of Hershey kisses! Shhhhhh....

We plan to see Graceland in Memphis on the way to the mountains. I have promised *everyone* to take photos of us in front of at least the Gate.

Noro and Cascade 220 Bag

Today at knitting class I started a bag that I will felt - by machine. This will be a first for me. I tried felting years ago and was not impressed therefore did not do any more. NOW I am fascinated! There are so many beautiful bags all over the internet (especially in Ravelry) that now *I* want to make some too.

I got yarn to make a red version as well. And I have yarn (all Cascade) to make a larger one with blended colors - in the shades of mountains from deep blue to violet to dusty rose. I don't know when I'll get to start the big one since we are leaving Sunday to go to the Smoky Mountains! Our first real vacation in 2 years. I have stuff placed all over the floors so I can see what to pack. What a mess this place is, but it will be worth it when we are packed and out the door!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Remnants of Ike

There was a man in the grocery store today with two carts and a long list taped to the handle of the first cart. He said he was from Houston and buying for some of his friends. They got electricity back sometime yesterday and he was going to head home.

The impact of this encounter didn't hit me until after I had been safely back in my own home for a while. I cannot fathom the reality of what they will face when they return to Houston. No grocery stores doing business. Having to do their shopping in other cities. No gas for their vehicles. The condition of their homes still in question. No telling when the every day business of living will return to normal.

Austin has been hosting evacuees in various places and the roads have been congested (more than usual). This brief encounter with a harsh reality has humbled me and I will not complain about the traffic or long lines for a long time to come.