Thursday, May 13, 2010

Between a Rock and.....

Ah - yep. That's what my life feels like at the moment!
Too many irons in the fire from being behind with my to do list. Again. I am trying to play catch-up and sometimes end up chasing my tail.
Today, I have un-stuck a major project though - YEA for me! Now I can weave with confidence and not anxiety. (pic later).
The photo is of me, 2009 in Fort Davis, TX and in week 3 of our vacation. I just LOVE our RV! Nothing like taking your own house along with you. No unpacking, packing, unpacking. No setting up a - uh hmm - T E N T. No worrying about R A I N getting everything wet! Ah, the life. We are contemplating a new place to go for Fall. Something else on the to do list - but something fun!