Friday, December 18, 2009

Time For A Makeover!

My blog now has a new look! It's about time, too. The Holidays are catching up with me - or am I catching up with the Holidays??? Confusing, isn't it? [LAUGH] I have so many things I want to do I don't know which way is up! House cleaning is taking priority this week so I can relax next week and enjoy family and friends. Gifts are wrapped (most of them) and under the tree - which is all lit up and looking good (even if I do say so myself!). I didn't get the yard decorated this year - have to prioritize my time right now. Next year will all the more fun, though!

I've been trying to make Tim Holtz 12 Days of Christmas Tags - I've made 4 and have others in progress. I'm placing them on the tree as I finish. The one on the left I am especially proud of. I had to improvise the "roof" of the pin and do love the way it came out!

The background stamp I used was just the perfect thing! It's called "K1652 Holiday Birdhouse" and it's put out by Hampton Art Stamps, Inc in 1999. I don't know how long I've had it but it might still be available. Try Google, at least to see what it looks like. I was thinking about taking the pin off the tag and hanging them close to each other. I just love Tim's ideas! He is brilliant!