Friday, February 24, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 08

The fictional date is Feb. 24, 1956. Week 8 finds Mac (Connor) in Cuba - walking on a beach and getting a tan.

He still shakes his head over being in the same city at about the same time as Melinda. He wishes they had met! He would love to know what she looks like and thinks back on the lovely woman he saw in Bristol. She had dropped a few packages and when he helped her she smiled at him. A very nice smile it was, too.

Mac puts his fedora back on and walks on up the beach where his new friend, Miguel is waiting to show him around.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 07

In week 7, Melinda is traveling from Cardiff to Newport along the coast of Wales touring as many castles as she can. She wants to begin her new novel this month if at all possible. She met with her editor and turned over the last one. Her editor seemed pleased with it and asked if Melinda could have the next one done by the end of Summer. They wanted to publish in November - in time for the Holidays!

She wonders if she should try for a Holiday theme. Have the story take place during that lovely, wonderful time of year! A castle in the snow - just think of it! Knights and Ladies, romantic horseback rides and perhaps getting caught in a snow storm....

She is riding a passenger train out of Cardiff, heading to Chepstow Castle. She has been to Castell Coch (Red Castle), to Cardiff Castle and a few others along the way. There just might be time for shopping in Bristol after Chepstow. Celia had told her of this little shoppe she found last year. It sounded perfect!

She remembers that she just picked up the forwarded mail, reaches into her bag for the package and is pleased to see a postcard from Connor! She will save it to read with her afternoon tea. As the train pulls into the station, she begins to look for her ride to the castle and spies a few cabs parked awaiting patrons.

This was it! THE castle she'd been looking for! And look at that - it was starting to snow! Melinda knew she had the start of her novel beginning to brew in her head. The snow did stop but it was lovely while it lasted and it did spur her imagination.

Catching another cab back to the train station she was determined to have tea in Bristol since it was earlier than she had thought and then shop. It was a productive ride - the beginning of her story was ready to be brought to life.

 Outside the dress shoppe, she stopped for some roasted nuts at a cart and smiled at a nice man who helped her when she dropped some of her packages. She got a funny feeling she'd seen him somewhere before but that was silly. She'd never been to Bristol before today.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 06

The fictional date is Feb. 10, 1956 on this postcard.

Connor is in an airplane going to Belgium and is reading Melinda's last postcard (again). So, she writes romance novels it seems and has been doing so for a while. He pictures her hands at a typewriter - it's cold and she's wearing knitted gloves with no fingers. Delicate fingers are hitting the keys with confidence. There is a fire in the background keeping the hotel room warm.....

Connor shakes his head as if to wake himself up. Stop daydreaming! Finish the postcard! He doesn't have an ink pad with him so he decides to try the grape juice he had with breakfast. Success! Ooops - he spills the juice on his trousers. Ah well, he needed some new ones anyway. Luckily it wasn't his fedora!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcard Challenge Week 05

I'm running a bit behind for week 5 because of a road trip among other things so it's hurry, hurry to try to catch up!

Melinda would really like to visit Provence in the summer to see the lavender fields in person. She is enjoying Connor's handmade postcards very much! She hopes he keeps it up. She is beginning to wonder what he looks like and tries to picture him on the Great Wall, pointing his camera at the sunset.