Saturday, April 24, 2010

Good Grief!!

I just had to get a post in here. It's 2010 for pete's sake! April even! Spring is here and fading fast. The Purple Martins are nest building in the back yard birdhouse. The trees are full of leaves. I'm in physical therapy for my arms/shoulders/neck (pinched nerves in at least 3 places). I am going to be teaching in June. I'm designing knitting patterns now. My Studio is in renovation stage 2. I am keeping my journal electronic this year (trying this out - may print out for hardcover book later). I am, as usual, behind on Ravelry (need to put photos in). A Food Plan needs to be put in place (we've been eating mostly junk). The photo is from last year about this time - everyone gets outside while they can - before it gets in the 90's! (and that happens pretty fast now) Spring is our shortest season!