Monday, November 10, 2008

Lacey Scarf - Free Pattern

I saw a scarf in my local LYS - no pattern, just the stitch name. OK, I can do this - so here it is. It's a very simple, one row pattern.

Pattern Inspiration: Barbara Walker - double herringbone faggot and the scarf in the store
Yarn: Ritratto (Stacy Charles) - 1 ball
Needles: size 8 - bamboo OR the shortie kind for kids

After playing with the pattern stitch for hours I came up with the right width and the laciness (is that a word?) I wanted. So here it is:

Cast on 22 sts
Patt row: k1, [YO, k2tog] x 5; k1, [YO, k2tog] x 5.
Bind off loosely, but not too loose. Add fringe.
And that's it. One row pattern.

TIPS: The needles I used are the short #8's for kids from the craft store (Hobby Lobby) and they are blue. They have a sharper tip but are not too slippery to work with this yarn. I used a #10 to cast on.

The yarn is very slippery! It had mohair, but it's not bad to frog because of all the other things in the yarn. The yarn is fingering weight, light and has sparklies! Other yarns might be Shaefer 'Anne' or 'Gioiello' by Filatura di Crosa. I sampled with these, too.

Before you begin, wind off your fringe yarn (I used a small book to wind around) and then you can just knit until you run out of yarn. I used 3 lengths doubled over and pulled through with a crochet hook (lark's head style) for each fringe and used 11 loops on each end. Make sure your loops are on the same side on each end!

The scarf is about 5-6 inches wide, depending on your blocking - it will stretch either way and 60 inches long (about 5 feet + or - to your taste).

The photo on the chair lets you see what it looks like on light or dark fabrics. The scarf has NOT been blocked yet in these pics!


Wow. Got back from vacation and haven't stopped yet. Tons of things to do and the Holidays on top of that! Knitting Christmas gifts like mad right now. Trying to get the house back in order has taken this long, but I am FINALLY getting somewhere with that! Now the studio is a disaster from all the knitting going on.
There's a Donation Day on Friday - so I'm trying to clean stuff out for that. I have 3 big boxes so far and a huge computer monitor (I can't WAIT to get rid of this monster). Plus - and this is the bonus - I am Fall cleaning at the same time.
I am behind on my photos and info in Ravelry - will try to catch up soon. I have knitting class this morning (changed from Thursday to Mondays) and I hope to finish a project this morning. I am very close! Speaking of - gotta go get ready!